Matthew Burtner Commission

We have successfully funded our Kickstarter for this new work!

Thank you to all of those who made this possible.  We could not have done this without your help.

When will the piece be completed?

We are aiming for a late summer 2017 completion date for the composition, with an October premiere.  Those who joined the consortium as premiere commissioners will receive the piece when it is completed, with the instruction to wait to perform it until after the premiere by the Weiss/Soflin Duo.  Those who backed the project in order to receive audio/video recordings of the piece will receive these soon after this premiere.

Thank you to Our Supporters!


  • Melanie Voytovich
  • Susan Mayer
  • Pat and Kathy McIntyre
  • Tristan Rogers
  • Katherine Wood and Ted Smith
  • Stephan A. Terre
  • W. Aniseh Burtner
  • Derek Laney
  • The Toole Family
  • Maggie Cuson
  • Beverly J. Weiss
  • Beth Dyer Clary
  • Juliana Warkentin
  • Patty Tersey
  • Robert Weiss

Consortium Commission Members

  • Dr. Norman Weinberg
  • Madeleine Wing Adler and Fred Lane
  • Luc Nadeau and Family
  • Joanne LaMotte
  • Dr. Rick Puzzo

Premiere Commissioners

  • Brad Schilit
  • Michael T. Pratt
  • DeLane Doyle and Aaron Gochberg
  • Esther Groves
  • Rhett Bender & Terry Longshore, Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University